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Pee Man Quadrilogy Pee Man Quadrilogy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Piss has never been so cool!

This was so action-packed, so much to see! My favorite part was when the dude pissed in a bucket as if to break the fall of the girl who jumped off the building, but instead he jumped into his own bucket of piss and let her hit the sidewalk. I'd write more, but now I have to go pee.

SSCS Vol. 1 SSCS Vol. 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man Arms!

Alyssa Milano's man arms were quite a shock! I've seen that Sarah Silverman also has hairy forearms. I really like the brass stabs after each secret is revealed.

Patrick Ewing: Episode 1 Patrick Ewing: Episode 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Surprisingly Complex, and FUNNY!

Wow, I wasn't expecting such an epic piece of work! This was really funny, and a bunch of fun surprises in the animation. I especially liked the Predator cameo, and the credit confessions of where all the unlicensed material came from.

One suggestion, the artist should consider doing some voices instead of word bubbles for Episode 2. I think it would make it even funnier.

Quikflash responds:

Thanks again!

Recent Game Reviews

Piano Piano

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice programming, needs some tweaking

The ActionScript piano is a nice programming accomplishment. The layout is good, but there are some adjustments which would make this more intuitive.

1. The arrangement of the first set of Blue Hot Keys makes sense, with the letters A,W,S,D,R,F,T, and G corresponding to chromatic notes on the scale. But the second set, H,Y,J,U,K,I, and L gets confusing on the keyboard, since the note F# should be placed physically after the F-note, (as the U key on the keyboard), but instead is placed physically behind the F-note, with the Y-key. The same is true for the G# and A#, they should be relocated one step to the left on the computer keyboard.

2. For some reason the beats do not loop for more than a few seconds, and then they stop.

3. The Big Blue Button displays instructions for playing some songs, but as soon as I hit a note, the instructions disappear.

Otherwise, this is an ambitious project, and I'm sure your next version will be great!

CostaKapo responds:

1. I am working on a better arrangement because simplicity for the viewer is #1 priority. 2. I can loops the beats that was a mistake :p 3. Yea, that has been a problem, hot keys plus tabs. I dunno how to get them to stay, it has to do with layering i know that.

As for my next version.. well, that will be for awhile, and hopefully if i can remember my old pass word i can put it on my real alias "FrankFlyNess"